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Welcome to the Centre for Research in International Law, where boundaries dissolve, and global legal horizons expand. Fuelled by intellectual curiosity, we unravel the intricacies of global legal systems, fostering understanding and forging paths towards a more just and harmonious world.

From the students of National law Institute University, Bhopal

About us 

Unveiling a realm of dynamic scholarship and engagement, the Centre for Research in International Law (CRIL) flourishes as a vibrant student-led entity within the National Law Institute University. Committed to fostering awareness and understanding of international law and policy, CRIL orchestrates a thriving environment where collaboration with esteemed organizations ignites dialogue and exploration. As the distinguished Bhopal Chapter of the International Law Students Association (ILSA), CRIL proudly garnered the prestigious ILSA Best Academic International Event Award in 2011. From captivating lectures to thought-provoking panel discussions and conferences, CRIL has consistently embraced its mission of promoting international law, offering a stimulating platform for profound discourse and exchanges with renowned luminaries in the field.

The research centre has received constant guidance from and has been headed by Professor (Dr.) Raka Arya. Dr. Arya, currently an Associate Professor and Faculty Coordinator at National Law Institute University is a board member of Transparency International, a member of the International Jurist Association and a member of the 22nd Law Commission of India.


The Journal of International Law and Policy, presented by the Centre for Research in International Law at the esteemed National Law Institute University, stands as a leading publication dedicated to advancing the understanding and application of international law. The rigorous peer-review process ensures the highest standard of scholarly rigor, while CRIL's commitment to inclusivity guarantees that a diverse range of perspectives finds expression within our pages.

Executive Board

Session 2023-2024

Vibhu Pahuja 



National Law Institute University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, 462004

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